Our Mission:

To promote the social, cultural, spiritual, economic and environmental renewal of the most vulnerable families in Stockton and the greater San Joaquin Valley. Together, we are reimagining what’s possible for ourselves, our families, and our communities. We lead with purpose, passion and an unyielding commitment to our collective liberation.

Our Vision: Stockton on the Rise

Every day, we work to create strong, healthy families and communities where children are nurtured, women are honored, fathers engaged, and our elders respected. At Fathers & Families of San Joaquin, we are building a Stockton that works or all– a place of rich diversity, talent, and vision. We are building a beloved community with room for everyone. Stockton will be a place where good health and economic opportunity is within reach for all.

In our Stockton, it will be easier to find fresh fruit than a weapon. In our Stockton, every young person will go to a school that invests in their potential. In our Stockton, everyone is valued and respected. No longer will our neighbors be punished for being poor or criminalized for being a person of color. Instead, we will be a community that shows up for each other, learns to heal, and owns our power to create the Stockton that we can all take pride in. We ask you to join us.

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