When people hear about Stockton, they think about violence, poverty and despair. In 2011, we were named the most miserable city in America while we became the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history. Years of policies targeting and criminalizing the poor has harmed and dehumanized entire families, neighborhoods, and communities.

Fathers & Families of San Joaquin knows that another Stockton is possible because we know that the future can heal the past. Our community needs to come together to reweave the connections that has been severed by violence, disparity, redlining, and policies that were born out of disparate treatment of people’s needs. Today, we work on the front lines of racial justice, community healing, trauma-informed care, community re-entry, and education equity in the City of Stockton, the surrounding San Joaquin Valley and throughout California.

Our story is one about respect, dignity, love, and trust. In a society that teaches us to hate ourselves, learning to love and heal ourselves and our community is a revolutionary act. We welcome everyone with open arms, especially those who been forgotten. We give folks a reason to live with purpose.

Since 2003 we have welcomed the most impacted members of our community to work in coalition and collectively reclaim our destiny and build a healthy, loving thriving city that all of our children deserve. Those closest to the problems are closest to the solutions and that proximity is our power. We know that all life is sacred, everyone has intrinsic worth and together we can be instruments of peace. Join us!