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⚖️ Systematic racial inequalities in our criminal legal system means that 3 out of 4 men leaving CA prisons are Black, Latino, or Asian American. CA disproportionately locks people of color out of the voting booth.

🗳️ This Nov, vote #YesOnProp17 !
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#Prop20 is a #PrisonSpendingScam that will pack our overcrowded jails & prisons, increase recidivism, cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in law enforcement costs and cut programs that keep our communities safe. #California cannot police its way
to safety. NO On 20! https://t.co/26DmGu20ll
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Healing-centered organizing is based on four core principles: #healing responds to the needs of the #community; healing is #political; healing and #organizing intersect; and healing is found in #culture and spirituality.

For more information visit us at: https://t.co/EfSjwt5m3B https://t.co/ad3Q9A2rPZ
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Did you know today is Voter Registration Day?
42 more days until election day (Nov. 3rd)! Your voice matters!

The deadline to register to vote is October 19th, 2020 via online or mailed and Postmarked.

#stocktonca #voterregistrationday #vote #electionday #healing #healing https://t.co/5moCpQ4B65
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Close with your friends and family? That’s great. But if they’re not living with you, lower the risk by wearing a mask, keeping your distance and staying outdoors when you see them. @CACensus @ListosCA
#YourActionsSaveLives https://t.co/aA8laXzDxu
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#EverySchoolEveryCommunity should have trust between students, teachers, & families. Parent Teacher #HomeVisits have gone virtual to build trusting relationships that help teachers better understand and support their students. https://t.co/ztP84SAuEL @future4learning https://t.co/JimX880oTM FFSJstockton photo