To provide services and a safe environment for the seniors in our community that prevent elder abuse and promotes positive relationships, social activities and nutrition. We inspire to achieve better mental, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical health for seniors within our communities.


To implement sustainable programs that improve mental and health wellness with our senior communities. Recognize their service, ensure their entitlements, and respect their well being.

The Elders’ Program provides love, support, and feeds the elders in our community. We provide free hot meals and prosocial activities for seniors at our center in Downtown Stockton five days per week.  We serve an average of 50 seniors per day. We also accompany seniors to appointments, conduct home visits, support seniors with navigating the medical healthcare system, provide education on nutrition, and offer intergenerational social activities for wellness and healing.

The Elders program days and hours of program operation are Monday – Friday from 9am-3pm, including holidays, birthdays and special events.

To reduce the signup process simply Download the intake form here: Wisdom Keepers Elders Program Intake Form. 

Once the form is complete simply come to the agency and turn it in to Chiquita David or Damaris Waiyaki

Our Impact in 2017

Meals Served by month

January 705
February 920
March 875
April 890
May 895
June 920
July 705
August 974
September 873
October 905
November 999
December 910
Total 10,561


Seniors Birthdays Celebrated
Month Quantity
January 6
February 7
March 9
April 10
May 7
June 6
July 4
August 5
September 7
October 5
November 12
December 9
Total Birthdays 89


Lupita celebrating her 100th birthday

Meet our Elders