Tina Curiel-Allen is a queer Xicana/Boricua writer, poet, and artivist. Born in Hayward, CA Tina moved to Ceres, CA as a child and was shaped by the Central Valley’s landscapes, histories, and people. She currently lives in Modesto, CA with her partner and their four cats. Tina is a proud UC Davis graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Xicanx Studies. While there she co-founded Beyond the Stats, an org for formerly incarcerated and system-impacted students. Tina’s previous addiction, incarceration, familial dealings with the system, and generational struggles inform her work and activism.  Her passions for writing and community scholarship coalesce into zines, newsletters, and local poetry and writing projects.  Self-determination, compassion, and reflexivity are her guiding principles.  In her spare time Tina enjoys reading, writing, cooking, cats, and thrifting. Tina’s Hogwarts house is Slytherin, and her favorite superhero is Batman.