Passionate – Honest- Resilient


Stacy Williams was born in Sacramento Ca, experienced a lack of housing stability, eventually landed her in Fresno Ca in High School. Stacy was system impacted at the age 12 when she entered the foster care system. Her family was a victim of the War on Drugs. She realized that foster children face PTSD at 2 times higher rate than U.S war veterans. Stacy was emancipated at 16, was a teen mother & despite her traumatic childhood has went on to raise 3 amazing children. She has spent the last 10 years working in spaces that allow her to use her lived experiences to bring light to the dysfunction of systems & structures in her community.  These include working as a community organizer on issues like mass incarceration, racism, anti black culture, education justice, environmental racism, advocating policy change, dismantling white supremacy, immigration rights, and numerous other actions. Also having some key roles in politics, canvassing, voter engagement, registration, & campaign consulting. She and a fellow advocate started holding expungement clinics, and advocated on social equity in cannabis after working on prop 64. She also worked on Prop 47, AB953, & Prop 57. Stacy was an activist turned organizer and spends her time being a resource of support  & concentrates on helping marginalized communities find their voice.