Navigator. Nurturer. Healer.

Ronnica is a human being with lived experience that involved a lot of trauma. She was inspired by her experiences, especially the ones that made her resilient. She learned how to be compassionate for others who did not have a voice. With all the misconceptions about Stockton, her initial experience in Stockton started at a homeless shelter with her son. Even though she was in a difficult situation, she met genuine people in the community that exposed her to a beauty and culture within the city. This humbling experience connected her with people, who shared similar life stories that allowed her to begin a healing process within herself. The first-hand knowledge from the ground level, transformed her approach toward Stockton, as she reached out to organizations in the city. She discovered the incredible amount of healing and support nonprofits were providing to the community. Today is a proud healer and nurturer at Fathers and Families of San Joaquin.