Passionate. Courageous. Responsible.

Raymond Aguilar was born and raised in Stockton, CA, and has been system impacted since the age of 6. He constantly found himself being in and out of juvenile facilities, shelter homes, foster care, and the California Youth Authorities until he was tried as an adult at the age of 16 and served 26 years in prison. Using his time of incarceration with purpose, Raymond taught himself how to read and write. Once he realized the value of his education, Raymond received his high school diploma and attended Lassen Community College while in prison. In 2016, once released from prison, he began volunteering at Fathers & Families of San Joaquin. Because of his lived experience and passion for service, he began working as a Youth Mentor and Movement Builder to mentor other system-impacted youth and become an advocate for ending youth being trialed as an adult.


Within the past 2 years of his release, Raymond has found his voice as a spokesperson for Prop 57 and a representative of the youth through his speeches and presentations about the treatment of youth, probation officers, and other system leaders in high schools, juvenile halls, probation school settings. More importantly, Raymond found his place as a weekly facilitator for Joven Noble, which is a group of 15-20 youth, where he supervises and mentor other system-impacted youth. Today, Raymond feels that it is his purpose to become the difference in helping young people find their purpose and to stop the attack on low-income communities of color. Raymond wants to be a positive role model for his newborn son, his family and to set an example for all youth who grew up in similar circumstances.