Compassionate. Dedicated. Beauty.

 Rachel Thompson is a native Stocktonian dedicated to the people she serves.  She is a clinical social worker serving her community while working at our Stockton Trauma Recovery Center; as a mental health clinician. Ms. Thompson is an Alum of California State University, Stanislaus. She has dedicated most of her work to children and families. Ms. Thompson uses a strength-based and trauma-informed approach while providing a culturally competent service to her clients. Also, she has vast experience working with a variety of at-risk clients such as Veterans, foster youth, youth in crisis, victims of community violence, and those that have been displaced. “As a child, I was taught that the greatest person in the House of God is the server of his people” and I have applied this to everything I do. In this, I hope my works reflect the passion, dedication, and healing practices I’ve been taught.