Positive. Generous. Caring.

Leticia DeSantiago is a mestiza born in El Salvador and her parents are from Colombia. Leticia came to the United States in 1966 and attended Westlake Junior High School in Oakland and graduated from Oakland Technical High School. Leticia received her AA degree in SF in Science. Her first job was in in Oakland San Antonio Health Medical Center when she was 17 where she was one of the founders of the clinic. There she served as the receptionist, became a bookkeeper and got her certificate as a Medical Assistant. Leticia got married, gave birth and moved to Stockton 25 years ago to open up her own business called the “Corner Cafe”.

Leticia is a force for positive energy and she loves seniors. She first started a community gathering of elders in her own home before and later got involved with FFSJ. For years, she has been working directly working with the seniors, socializing with them, supporting them with their needs. It’s important to her because she believes working with them deeply impacts their own life. She was devastated to hear the stories that they had due to the neglect they experience. At a certain age, everyone needs dignity and some assistance, and Leticia is happy to be able to help and offer love, trust, and caring. At the Elders Program Manager she has the privilege to interact with many other cultures and to be a bridge between relationships across race, ethnicity, age, and background.