Justice Advocate. Community Leader. Researcher. Organizer.

Juan Schwanker is a Youth Justice and Literacy Advocate who works closely with incarcerated youth and families. He utilizes the Participatory Defensemodel to help families navigate through the court process. Acting as a liaison between families and public defenders, he assists in creating a positive narrative for each youth, changing the landscape of justice within the court system, and giving power and voice to the voiceless. After being recognized by La Raza Employees Association of San Joaquin Delta College for community services, he continues to build toward equitable justice, health, and education in the community, as well as assisting families who have been system impacted. As a former Juvenile Justice Commissioner, he was an advocate for policy change and for equitable treatment and conditions for the youth who are in detention in Juvenile Hall. His educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from University of the Pacific. He continues advocating for the marginalized population in Stockton as a guest speaker at community events and seminars in the San Joaquin County. In his free time, he is with his children and family. A fan of 80’s music, he enjoys listening to various genres including: Jazz, Latin, R&B, Indie, and ChillHop music. He is a longtime San Francisco Giants fan, enjoys reading biography and history books and is a foodie.