Originally from Rincón de Romos, Aguascalientes. Mexico, Ismael studied as a primary education teacher at the Normal Education Center of Aguascalientes, Mexico. He worked as an elementary education teacher for 16 years in the state of Michoacán, and graduated from the National Institute of Fine Arts as a researcher of folklore, folk dance, singing, musical direction, toy construction, theater, plastic arts indigenous dances (Aztecs). Ismael was Director of two houses of Culture, Cultural Promoter of SEP-Culture, Cultural promoter of ISSSTE-Culture and he developed both positions in the North of the State of Michoacán. In 1994 he settled in the States where he has been president of the committee of the PRD political party of the Democratic Revolution and is currently president of the committee of Stockton political party of Mexico, and is on theBoard of Directors of the General Hospital of San Joaquín. Ismael  is an active member of United merchants, was president of the Mexican Honorary Commission La Jamaica, and is a member of the Chicano Latino Democrat Migrante. Ismael is the binational General Director of Art and Culture of the organization De Artesanos de México Rendart. He earned his GED at Delta College, studied at the City College of San Francisco Ca with a focus on providing therapy to treat autism, earned ECE units, and has received several recognitions from various Stockon organizations