Professionalism. Solidarity. Genuine.

Hermes was born in an Andean town in Peru, where he worked as a journalist. Hermes had to flee his county with his wife and daughter during threats and internal war. During the first 15 years, he survived in America as an Andean genre musician, and a seller of handicrafts between festivals and flea markets. Hermes seized an opportunity for further education and obtained his license as a substance abuse counselor and worked in DUI programs in 2008. From 2009 until 2015, he was case manager of severe mental health co-occurring patients at the Clinica La Familia-Stockton. Along with being the father of three wonderful children, the best news of my life was being accepted for a Master’s degree in Social Work at CSU Stanislaus. Now, as clinician ASW, I take advantage of the opportunity that Fathers & Families has given me and the daily satisfaction of learning from my clients who come out of what is diagnosed as PTSD thanks to their enormous spiritual and cultural strengths.