Daniel Mendoza currently attends the University of California, Davis where he studies Sociology and Ethnic Studies. He co-founded Beyond the Stats, a collective of formerly incarcerated students who work towards dismantling structural barriers while supporting formerly incarcerated and system-impacted students navigate the UC system. Simultaneously, outside of academia, Daniel works with Fathers and Families of San Joaquin in Stockton, CA. As a Youth Justice and Policy advocate, he partners with different juvenile justice stakeholders to make policy changes, particularly in eliminating the practice of trying youth as adults, ending the use of solitary confinement and improving re-entry services for formerly incarcerated individuals. His personal experienced sparked his interest and activism, including his passion to work with current and formerly incarcerated youth who are considered “the worst-of-the-worst.” Daniel enjoys hiking, watching stand-up comedy and spending time with family. Daniel grew up in Watsonville, California where he was raised by his single mother.