Anthony’slife has been an open book left out in the storm, with the wind and rain beating on its turned pages. He grew up inside the open veins of Stockton’s systems–from foster care, to family court, and eventually to prison at the age of 18. Anthony grew up feeling marginalized and fighting for magnitude. He was a young black man running around Stockton with a chip on his shoulder, insecure because of poverty and abandonment, and starving for success without the know-how to feed the hunger. In prison, Anthony was exposed to a developmental program where he began to read anything he could get his hands on. Knowledge helped to transform him into a self-determined consciousness man with a vision for his future.

Having returned to Stockton, Anthony feels akin to the story of the Prodigal son. Having once disregarded his inheritance for what he thought was the glamour of street life, he is here to reclaim his story of love and purpose by serving others at Fathers and Families of San Joaquin. Today, Anthony is the Environmental Justice Equity Organizer and he is here to help us heal the hood. Every day, he shares his lived experience and motivate others to find their sacred purpose. He knows that those closest to the problems, are also closest to the solutions. His role is to help discover and implement those solutions, helping to transform leaders, institutions, and ultimately our planet.