Our Youth & Racial Justice Department advocates for policies related to the juvenile justice system, education equity, and ending youth incarceration.  We have endorsed a number of bills such as AB 2605 (Decriminalizing Foster Youth in Shelters), SB 1391 (Eliminate 14 & 15 year old Youth from Adult Court), SB 607 (End Willful Defiance), SB 1421 (Police Transparency), AB/SB 2820 (LCAP Funding), SB 1338 (Access to Parks/Parks Now), and SB 638 (Medical Baseline).  We are also part of the California Alliance for Youth & Community Justice (CAYCJ), which aims to close youth prisons and build youth leaders. Along with our partners, we engage in policy advocacy actions at the Capitol, participate in legislative visits with policymakers, and testify in public hearings. In addition, our Youth & Racial Justice Dept. leads our Integrated Voter Engagement project for our Healing Justice for Schools Campaign.