We run and win policy initiatives and advocacy campaigns through participatory people engagement and cultivating effective partnerships. We are a trusted anchor of the Boys and Men of Color movement across the country and our proud of our policy wins at local and statewide levels.


Recent wins include:

  • California’s SB 1391, passed in 2018 will protect 14 and 15 year old youth from being tried in adult court.
  • Right to Know Bill, (SB1421) passed in 2018 increases police transparency by making records of police assaults, use of force and abuse accessible to the public.
  • We advanced the Reentry Workforce Training Program of AB 1114 through the California budget process to secure $1.5 million in investment for job opportunities for folks on parole and formerly incarcerated Californians.


Ongoing Campaigns include:


  • FFSJ is part of the first lawsuit in the nation to establish literacy as a constitutional right and demand that CA must do better in making sure that low-income students are taught to read and write.
  • Let Us Live. We are working on AB931 to raise the standard for use of force in California.