Stockton Trauma Recovery Center

We Help Victims of Violent Crimes.

We help victims of violent crimes access culturally rooted mental health treatment and the clinical support they need to heal and thrive. Our Trauma Recovery Center is one of only 22 free mental health centers in the United States, and a model for the nation. With our dedicated team, we address intergenerational trauma and support families who have survived neglect, poverty and violence.

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Youth and Racial Justice

We Unlock the Brilliance of Young People.

Through culturally rooted education and trauma informed mentorship, we activate the innate power of our youth to be socially conscious, politically involved agents of change in their own lives and communities. Our youth are trained to understand and build racial equity to improve the life outcomes of youth of color in education, economic opportunity, housing, health and safety.

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Health Justice

We Reclaim and Water our Roots.

We reclaim power by taking ownership over our natural resources, health, and recreational spaces through preventative health, environmental justice workshops and through policy advocacy leadership. We reclaim our roots by educating our people on the history of our neighborhoods, promoting cultural healing practices, planting trees and reaffirming our responsibility as stewards of our environment.

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Family Strengthening

We Reunite Families, Ensure Stability and Promote Wellness.

We strengthen and promote cultural values, and help all individuals find their sacred purpose through healing, love, and honor. We help facilitate effective re-entry into society through healing, access to job opportunities, and reconciliation and reconnection with families.

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Elders Program

We Honor and Serve our Elders.

Our ancestors and culture teaches us that the wisdom of our elders is a foundation for our families’ successes. We inspire our elders to connect to our youth and to achieve better mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health, while recognizing their service, ensuring their entitlements, and promoting intergenerational healing, and respect for their wellbeing.

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Our Impact

You can count on Fathers & Families to show up, hold space and to speak truth to power. Can we count on you to join us to transform Stockton?

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